The City of Madison Community Development Division (CDD) is seeking to improve and expand housing choices available to residents in Madison by supporting proposals from qualified developers that seek to accomplish the following objective:

  • Expand the supply of affordable housing for renters.

Process Overview

  1. Review RFP Guidelines and Resources

    Please read the guidelines carefully before completing your Financing for Rental Housing Development Application.

  2. Pre-Application Process

    Applicants are required to contact Community Development Division staff no later than February 9, 2022.

    To discuss your project, please contact Matt Frater (Community Development Specialist) at mfrater@cityofmadison.com.

    Depending on the nature and complexity of the proposal, CDD may elect to coordinate a pre-application meeting with staff from the Planning Division (PD) to discuss site selection, zoning and the land use approval process. When scheduling these meetings, please indicate that the meeting will be about a proposed project applying through the Housing Forward RFP.

    Please see Section 1.9 in the RFP for more information regarding the pre-application process for housing development proposals.

  3. Attend or Watch the Workshop

    The City held a virtual workshop over Zoom on February 7, 2022 for applicants interested in responding to this RFP. The workshop focused on addressing questions that interested applicants had regarding the RFP or the application, our expectations around the sustainability and energy efficiency provisions, and what characterizes a successful application.  The workshop was recorded.

  4. Review the Timeline

    These dates represent the City's desired timeline for providing a commitment of funds to selected agencies. Any revision of the due date for submission of proposals will be made by addendum. All other dates are for planning purposes and may be adjusted without notice, as needs and circumstances dictate.

    • RFP Released: January 31, 2022
    • Application Workshop (Zoom): February 7, 2022
    • Deadline for Submission of Proposals: March 2, 2022 at 12:00 pm CST (noon)
    • Deadline for Neighborhood Meetings (new construction proposals only): May 3, 2022
    • Development Assistance Team (DAT) Deadline (new construction only): May 5, 2022
    • Applicant Presentations to the CDBG Committee:  May 5, 2022
    • CDBG Committee Recommendations: June 2, 2022
    • Finance Committee Recommendations: June 6, 2022
    • Common Council Consideration: June 21, 2022
    • Commitment Letter (Notification of Award): July 2022
    • Anticipated Contract Effective Date/Start of Construction for Housing Development: Fall 2022
  5. Fill out the Application

    Applicant agencies must utilize the provided application and budget workbook.All application materials must be submitted by March 2, 2022 at 12:00 pm (noon) CDT.

    1. Applications -- Agency Overview

                                   Rental Housing Development

    1. Budget Workbook
  6. Submit the Application

    Applications MUST be received on our office by 12:00 pm CST (noon) on March 2, 2022.

    Proposals must be submitted to: CDDapplications@cityofmadison.com

    All proposals must be submitted electronically. 

    Please include only the required submittals specified below:

    1. Applications: Agency Overview and Rental Housing Development
    2. Budget Workbook

    Applications time stamped received after 12:00 pm will not be considered, NO EXCEPTIONS!

    You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your application(s). These email notifications are not auto generated so allow some time for a person to receive and process your application. If you do not receive a notification within 2 hours, it means that your application did not get delivered.