Affordable Owner-Occupied Housing

CDD is seeking to improve and expand housing choices available to residents in Madison. Inline with the City's 2020-24 Consolidated plan and the City's Housing Forward Initiative, CDD releases The Housing Forward- Homeownership Development and Services RFP every other year. The RFP was most recently released in 2022 and the next anticipated RFP release is July 2024. This RFP supports homeownership development that:

  1. Improves existing owner-occupied housing Stock by preserving, upgrading and making accessibility improvements to the current inventory of affordable, owner-occupied housing units.
  2. Expands the supply of owner-occupied housing by increase the number of affordable, owner-occupied housing units through new construction, renovation or conversion.
  3. Provides homebuyer assistance that puts stable, affordable homeownership within reach of a broader mix of Madison households.

Additionally, CDD also funds homeownership programs and services that focus on financial literacy and homebuyer education through the Housing Forward- Homeownership Development and Services RFP.

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