Resources for Landlords and Renters

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Resources for Landlords

Know Your Rights:

Training for Property Owners & Managers:

Resources for Renters

Legal services

  • The Tenant Resource Center's Eviction Clinic can make referrals for tenants in need of legal services and representation. Legal services may be available to you at no cost, depending on the total income of your household.

Housing Counseling

Know Your Rights

Fair housing services

  • If you are experiencing housing discrimination, and would like to file a complaint, the City of Madison Department of Civil Rights can investigate your complaint.
  • The Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison (satellite office of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council) operates a full-service fair housing program. If you are concerned you’ve experienced housing discrimination, FHCGM can provide intake, investigation, and counseling on options for administrative or judicial remedy.

Landlord mediation

  • The Tenant Resource Center provides mediation between tenants and landlords for conflicts such as eviction, noise complaints, security deposits, and lease violations.

Housing navigation services

  • The City of Madison works with Housing Navigation Services to provide up-to-date lists of open apartments in rent- and income-restricted housing. These lists are updated as vacancies occur, and include contact information for how to apply for an opening. If you are in need of housing, please check the Housing Navigation Services website for the most current list.In addition to providing a listing of open apartments, both appointments and walk-in services are also available to help understand the process and get assistance with applications.

Housing Search Support

  • Catholic Charities provides assistance in helping assistance to people who are searching and applying for housing in the Dane County.

Eviction Diversion & Defense

The Eviction Diversion and Defense Partnership helps tenants with an eviction filing by providing housing support, housing counseling, court navigation, mediation services, and rental assistance.

Public Housing

  • City of Madison Community Development Authority (CDA) provides Public Housing for residence only in the City of Madison. These properties are federally funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered by the Housing Operations Division.
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