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How to Participate in Section 8

  1. Section 8 participant meets with their Housing Specialist for verification of income and family size. Housing Specialist also verifies that participant is current with utilities and rent and has also given proper written notice to vacate current unit.  Participant receives a Voucher and Request For Tenancy Approval Form (RFTA).
  2. Voucher holder finds a Landlord with an available unit.
  3. Landlord processes the completed rental application.
  4. If Voucher holder passes the Landlords screening, the Landlord approves the completed rental application.
  5. Landlord fills out the Request For Tenancy Approval Form (RFTA). ** Voucher holder has this form.**
  6. RFTA is submitted to the CDA via mail, fax, e-mail or is hand delivered to CDA office. RFTA must be submitted with a copy of the completed but unsigned lease for the rental unit. ** Lease must be for one year.**
  7. Housing Specialist reviews the lease for City of Madison ordinance requirements.
  8. Housing Specialist verifies that the rent and tenant paid utilities fall with-in the voucher holder's limit of 40% of their adjusted income.
  9. Section 8 Inspector contacts landlord to schedule and perform the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection. The Inspector will also complete the rent reasonable / comparable study for the unit.  Once unit passes the inspection and the rent is determined to be reasonable and comparable, the CDA contacts the landlord to inform the landlord that it is o.k. to sign the lease with the Voucher holder.
  10. CDA completes Housing Assistance Payment contract (HAP) and sends to landlord for signature.  Landlord returns the signed HAP contract and signed lease with tenancy addendum attached to CDA. Landlord must also fill out, sign and return W-9 tax id form and direct deposit authorization forms.  When all paperwork is signed and returned to the CDA, payment is released to Landlord.

Per a HUD directive, the S8 Tenancy Addendum must be attached to each new lease.  Please attach a copy of the addendum to the lease before the tenant signs it. You must return the signed lease, (with the addendum attached) when you return the signed HAP contract.  No HAP payments can be released until the signed HAP contract, and the signed lease (with addendum attached) are returned.

Last Updated: 08/28/2014


Si usted desea hablar en Español con un miembro del personal de la CDA, favor de llamar al (608) 266-4868.

Provee su nombre y un numero de teléfono de contacto.

Un miembro del personal de la CDA entonces devolverá su llamada usando un servicio de interpretación telefónica.