The City of Madison has established a priority objective to promote equal employment opportunity and to eliminate discriminatory preferences in the hiring process. The “Red-Flag” process is an Affirmative Action procedure adopted by the City in its General Ordinances and its Affirmative Action Plan to minimize cultural, racial, gender and disability differences between interviewers and interviewees. It also provides a more thorough evaluation of candidates’ application materials and interview responses.

View an outline of the Red-Flag Process.

Guidance Documents for Hiring Managers

Guidance Documents for Interview Panel Members

  • Red-Flag Process Handout
    This document is a quick overview of what red-flagging and balanced interviews are. These are intended as quick summaries for interviewers who have little background knowledge about the City’s hiring practices.
  • Interview Tips
    This document is a short resource that gives some important overview points of an interview. These include topics such as benchmarking, interview questions, and types of biases. This document serves as a quick reminder for hiring managers, but it is predominantly designed for panel members who do not have in-depth training about interview standards and best practices.