The City of Madison Engineering Division is one of many City agencies that serves our community. Our focus is on building, designing and maintaining our infrastructure and building facilities. The City of Madison Engineering Division works across the City, with community partners and beyond to complete projects that impact our community's everyday lives.

You may wonder, where do I fit into this team? Here’s how—you’re already impacted by our projects:

John Nolen Drive? We’re designing it. Flooding impacts? We’re finding solutions through watershed studies and designing new systems to handle the impacts of climate change. Solar installations? We’re not only increasing the amount of renewable energy generated by the City we’re teaching crews with little to no knowledge of solar by providing classroom training and hands on work experience on some of the City’s most impactful projects to date. Sanitary sewer? We’re aggressively cleaning and inspecting to protect public health and the environment by ensuring sewage reliably goes where it’s supposed to. Pinney Library? We’re leading the construction and helping contractors complete impactful projects in your neighborhood. Southwest Bike Path? We’re clearing snow so you can travel in the middle of Wisconsin winter, and designing it to be better every construction cycle. University Avenue? We’re studying it, re-designing it and collaborating with all the businesses and residents to make sure the design works.

Working at the City of Madison Engineering Division means you'll have a front row seat to learning how the City builds, designs and maintains our local infrastructure from the ground up. Our work impacts everyday lives of anyone living or visiting the City of Madison.

We have: architects, construction inspectors, stormwater engineers, transportation engineers, equipment operators, sewer cleaners, maintenance workers, custodians, engineers, project managers, water resources specialists, hydrogeologists, accountants, construction managers, and more.

Working at the City of Madison also has major benefits that support work-life balance. Whether you’re looking for a job that has direct community impact, or if you’re looking for stability for your life, a job at the City of Madison can support your goals to growing and thriving.

We have competitive wages, great benefits including health insurance, paid vacation, sick, and holidays, retirement pension, and more!

Consider joining our team today. Reach out to anyone on our team to learn more on how you can join #TeamCity with the City of Madison Engineering Division.