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The Engineering Division Facilities Section focuses on City Buildings. 

The mission of the Facilities Section of the Engineering Division provides high quality design, project management, and building operation services to all agencies that are implementing a preventative maintenance, remodeling, or new construction project while utilizing a sustainable focus.

The Facilities Section of the Engineering Division consists of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who strive to deliver high quality, sustainable, creative, and cost effective design, management, maintenance, and building operations solutions for city residents and city agencies to maintain an inclusive, innovative, and thriving City of Madison.

Our team consists of architects, construction managers, custodians, electricians, engineers, historic preservation professionals, HVAC technicians, interior designers, maintenance technicians and trainees, plumbers, project managers, and sustainability professionals.

The services provided by Facilities include:

  • Design and construction oversight of large technically complicated City facilities including projects like Fire Station 14, Pinney Library, Madison Municipal Building, Midtown Police Station, and Fleet Services Maintenance Building.
  • In-house expertise in Architecture, Engineering, Historic Preservation, Construction Management, Office Environments, Interior Design, and similar facility-related disciplines.
  • In-house small project design for office remodels, roofing projects, building demolitions, and historic preservation.
  • Focus on in-house design and construction of energy improvement projects such as lighting retrofits, mechanical upgrades, solar photovoltaic installations, and similar efforts to both reduce the City’s energy demand as well as supply energy on-site.
  • Coordinates city efforts to implement projects that lower energy use, conserve water, use renewable sources of energy, and provide a good quality indoor air environment.
  • Administers the city’s emergency warning siren program.
  • Maintains city facilities with heavy focus on preventative maintenance work and custodial services.
  • In-house small project design and construction of electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems for city facilities.
  • Administers support and coordination for a variety of “odd job” agency needs. Recently, these have included COVID responses for Election Day and reopening preparations, public art storage and installations, assisting in preparation of temporary homeless shelters, and emergency flood response.

Facilities Podcast Episodes on Everyday Engineering 

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