Permit to Plug Sanitary Sewer Lateral

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Permit to Plug Sanitary Sewer Lateral

Complete the above application to request a permit to plug an existing sanitary sewer lateral and return to City Engineering.

For temporary sanitary sewer lateral plugs where the lateral will be reconnected or reused for future development the lateral shall be plugged at the property line by the owner. The permit fee will consist of a $100 non-refundable inspection fee along with a deposit of $900 for assurance of the plugging work. Following successful inspection by City Engineering of the temporary plug per the plans and permit conditions the $900 deposit will be refunded to the permit holder.

For laterals that are to be permanently plugged the lateral is to be plugged at the property line by the owner (following the same procedures as the temporary sewer plug process) and it will also be plugged at the sanitary sewer main by City Engineering using a short liner process. The permit fee for a permanent plug will consist of the same inspection and deposit fees required for a temporary plug as well as fees to cover the inspection and plugging of the lateral at the sewer main. These additional permit fees are set by the Board of Public Works and are based on the size of the sanitary sewer main (see fee table below). If after cleaning and inspection of the sanitary sewer main City Engineering determines that short liner plugging cannot be completed the Plugging Fee (Labor & Materials) will be refunded to the permit holder. Madison General Ordinance Chapter 35.02(4)(c)14)

Sanitary Plug Permit Fee Schedule

Plug at Property Line (Permanent or Temporary – Work Done by Owner)

Inspection Fee




Plug at Main (By Size of Sanitary Main – Work Done by City Engineering)
6-inch 8-inch 10-inch 12-inch 15-inch
Administration Fee $47.76 $47.76 $47.76 $47.76 $47.76
Sanitary Main Cleaning & Inspection Fee $230.34 $230.34 $230.34 $230.34 $230.34
Plugging Fee (Labor & Materials) $1,596.90 $1,646.90 $1,696.90 $1,771.90 $1,946.90
Total Permit Fee $2,875.00 $2,925.00 $2,975.00 $3,050.00 $3,225.00
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