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  • I would like to know all the schooling and certifications I would need to even be considered. I also would like to know what would make me stand out. Thank you sir/mam

    Thank you for your interest in the City of Madison Fire Department.  Madison Fire does not require a degree or certifications to be considered for Firefighter.  Our Department offers a recruit academy to individuals who are hired which is designed to teach new firefighters the necessary skills needed for the job.  For a complete listing of what we look for in an individual, please visit our website at https://www.cityofmadison.com/fire/join-mfd/what-we-look-for

  • Does the fire department offer a cadet or junior program??

    Thank you for your interest in the City of Madison Fire Department.  Madison Fire does not offer a cadet or junior program.  Individuals who are hired for the position of Firefighter in our Department are trained in our Recruit Academy.  This academy is only available to those individuals who have been hired to become a firefighter in our Department.  For information on how to join MFD, please visit our website at https://www.cityofmadison.com/fire/join-mfd.

  • I have a PADI Rescue Diver Certification. What do I need to do to join the lake rescue team?

    You must first become a firefighter with the Department and then complete the Department's internal selection process for Special Teams when positions are available. All City of Madison Fire Department Special Teams members are selected from within the Department.

  • When is the next hiring process for MFD?

    The City of Madison accepts applications every two years.  It is anticipated that the next application period will be in October 2017.

  • I have XX years of experience as a firefighter and have many and/or all fire-related certificates; do have I still have to go thru the entire fire academy or is there a special academy for people that come in with experience?

    Yes. All new members of the Department are required to attend the Recruit Academy regardless of past years of firefighting experience. This academy is designed to help the recruit become a successful member the Engine/Ladder company to which they'll be assigned upon completion.

  • If you pass all the interviews, the PAT, and make it to the training academy, are you hired at this point, or are you then put on the list to be hired?

    You are officially hired the day you start the Fire Academy. An 18-month probationary period follows.

  • How much does one get paid while in training?

    Firefighter recruits are paid the base salary listed in the respective firefighter job posting during their time in the recruit academy and up to 6 months after their start date. After 6 months, firefighter recruits earn a "step" increase. The "Step 1" base salary for a firefighter hired in 2016 was $1,893.09/biweekly. 

  • What can I do to stand out amongst other candidates?

    This is a highly sought-after position, and the application process is competitive. There is no single answer to this question as everybody brings different assets to the table.

    In addition to doing well on the written exam, we encourage you to use the interview phase to effectively demonstrate the capabilities and values you would contribute to the Department and its mission.

  • Taking in consideration the requirement that an applicant be in good physical health, would someone with certain pre-existing medical condition still be considered as an applicant to the Madison Fire Dept.?

    Yes. We encourage anybody interested in applying to the Department to do so. The final component of the application process is a medical evaluation by our occupational medical provider, SSM Health. The medical providers will make a determination about an applicant's ability to fulfill the duties of the job based on standards set forth in NFPA 1582.

  • Is there any veterans preference taken into account during the hiring process?

    Veteran points are added to the overall score from the initial test for candidates who meet all of the following requirements:

    · Submitted a Form DD-214 with their application or no later than the test date;

    · Are eligible to receive veteran’s points in accordance with WI State Statute; and

    · Passed the test.

  • What can I be doing as a high school student looking for a career with the MFD that will maximize my chances of being hired?

    There are some great programs to explore if the fire service is what you really want to pursue. Here in Madison, Fire Service Certifications (FF-1, FF-2, and EMT programs) are available through Madison College. These types of programs will give you direct knowledge of the field itself.

    However, you do not need to pursue these types of classes in order to compete successfully in the firefighter recruitment process.

    What's equally important to us is finding candidates who are in tune with the needs of their community. Whether through volunteering, community outreach, or other life experience, the most successful candidates will be those who show genuine compassion for people and an active interest in serving the community.


  • Do you live at the academy while attending it or do you live at your own residence and report for each day's scheduled training?

    During the Academy, you live at your own residence and report for each day's scheduled training.

  • Is there an age limit to be a candidate in the hiring process for the firefighter position?

    You must be at least 18 years of age to apply to be a firefighter; however, there is no maximum age limit.

    See more pre-requisites and desirable qualifications on our "What We Look For" page.

  • Was wondering if there was an age cut-off for hiring.

    You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply to the Madison Fire Department; however, there is no maximum age limit or "age cutoff."

  • Hiring

    • Is residency required?

      No, at this time you are not required to live in the City of Madison to be a firefighter with the Madison Fire Department. However, residency is a requirement for fire managers.

    • When will the next hiring process be?

      The City of Madison Fire Department, through the City of Madison Human Resources Department, accepts applications approximately every two years.

  • Recruit Training

    • What is the Recruit Training Academy?

      The Madison Fire Department Recruit Training Academy is a 16-week course designed to teach new firefighters and to challenge firefighters holding current State Certifications. During the Academy, recruits are taught the basics of firefighting and many advanced skills such as Smoke Divers, Advanced Rescue, Hazardous Materials Technician and Emergency Medical Technician. The Academy is physically and mentally challenging. Not all make it through to completion. The MFD Training Staff is committed to making the best new firefighters and making existing firefighters better.

  • Paramedics

    • How do I become a Paramedic?

      After becoming a firefighter with the City of Madison Fire Department and the application process for Paramedic has been opened by the Department, firefighters can apply to become a Paramedic with the Department. The amount of training required will depend on an individual's qualifications, as well as the Department's review of an individual's skill level.

    • I'm a Paramedic in my current department. Can I apply to be a Paramedic with the City of Madison Fire Department?

      You must first become a firefighter with the Department and then complete the Department's application process for Paramedic when positions are available. All City of Madison Fire Department Paramedics are selected (reclassification) from within the Department.

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