Entry Level Salary & Benefits

Job TitleFirefighter
Job StatusFull Time
Work Week48 Hours (24 Hour Shift)
Biweekly Starting Salary*$2,329.16
Starting Annual Salary$60,558.16
Probationary PeriodEighteen (18) Months
Sick Leave
Health Insurance
Designated Holiday Leave
Workers Compensation
Income Protection Plan
Tuition Program
Life Insurance
Taxed Deferred Compensation Program

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Firefighters compete for promoted positions in the department.

A Fire Officer or Lieutenant oversees a crew at each station. On emergency calls, the Lieutenant will take command of the scene until a Chief Officer arrives. The officer has many different responsibilities, but ultimately, is responsible for the actions and safety of the crew.

Apparatus Engineer (AE) is another promoted position. This is the driver/operator of the engine or ladder. They need to be thoroughly familiar with the equipment, function and operation of all apparatus. Every morning, the AE checks the vehicle for proper operations. Everything from the light bulbs to the engine oil is checked and documented. At an emergency scene, the AE operates the pumps or the aerial ladders.


Paramedics are some of the busiest people on the department. An MFD ambulance might respond on 22 calls in a 24 hour period. Did you know that Madison had one of the first paramedic ambulances in the country? After being selected for paramedic training, these firefighters must complete 6 months of intensive medical training before they are allowed to work on one of Madison's ambulances. Paramedics are well versed in pre-hospital medicine and respond to a wide variety of calls – anything ranging from cardiac arrest and automobile accidents to less complicated requests for service, like a nosebleed or broken arm. Madison Fire Department paramedics receive the highest level of training available in the emergency medical services field.

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