Multiple-Choice Test

Human Relations

The first component of the video-based multiple-choice test is a human relations test that focuses on teamwork and human relations skills and was specifically designed for firefighters and emergency response personnel.

Video Example: Human Relations Test Orientation, FireTEAM

Mechanical, Math, & Reading

The three other components include a mechanical aptitude test, a math test, and a reading ability test, which were developed to measure specific aptitudes important to the occupation of firefighter and emergency response personnel.

Video Example: Math Orientation, FireTEAM

Video Example: Mechanical Orientation, FireTEAM

FireTEAM Practice Test

In addition to the the above samples, a more comprehensive sample FireTEAM test is available for purchase through the Ergo Metrics website.

The sample test is administered solely through Ergo Metrics and is presented as a tool to help with test preparation. It is not a mandatory component of the Madison Fire Department recruitment process.

Take the Practice Test

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