Pets & Animals

Pets & Animals

Animal Services

Animal services responds to complaints and can answer questions and provide education about animal care and health.

Emergency Contact & Complaints

An Animal Services Officer is dispatched by radio to respond to emergency complaints. Call (608) 255-2345 to report report a complaint. Emergency complaints include:

  • Aggressive animals
  • Animal bites
  • Animals in traffic causing safety hazards
  • Dogs in unauthorized park areas
  • Investigation of cruelty/neglect complaints
  • Rabies quarantine (issue orders, ensure owner compliance)
  • Sick or injured animals, wild or domestic
  • Stray or running at large domestic animals

Non-emergency Contact & Complaints

Call (608) 267-1989 for:

  • Animal care/health information
  • Animal feces accumulation complaints
  • Classroom education for staying safe around animals and preventing rabies
  • General information
  • Non-emergency complaints

Barking Dogs

The Madison Police Department handles barking dog complaints. Please visit the Public Health Madison & Dane County Animal Services for other animal-related issues.

  • Call the Madison Police Department Non-Emergency phone number: (608) 266-4275
  • Press 6 or say "occurring now"
  • A representative will ask for details about the situation