bus in front of buildingThe City of Madison/Metro Transit is issuing this RFP for battery electric bus (BEB) charging equipment procurement. The City of Madison/Metro Transit requests that Proposers present installation-ready solutions to support electric bus charging in accordance with the City of Madison/Metro Transit requirements described herein.

The Proposer shall be responsible for work associated with sourcing, installation, and commissioning of depot and on-route charging systems.

The Proposer shall provide installation specifications needed for the general contractor to coordinate all civil and electrical work outside of this scope within 90 days after Contract Execution.

This includes electrical requirements for switchgear, conduit to the switchgear, conduit to the overhead chargers, and any concrete ground work or civil engineering designs to support the on-route charger installation.

This RFP includes the installation and supply of conduit and cabling between the 10 depot chargers and the switchgear at Hanson Rd., cabling from the depot chargers to the dispensers, pantograph support arm for the overhead chargers, and cabling (but not conduit) from the switchgears to the chargers and pantograph for the overhead chargers.

Details and locations are to be determined during the design process.

This project is partially funded with federal (FTA) funding and has a DBE goal of 5%. This project is partially funded with federal (FTA) funding and has a DBE goal of 2%.

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