Accessibility Feedback

Tell Us About Your Stop

With Metro’s newly redesigned routes now if effect, there are some stops that still may need accessibility improvements.

These improvements could include the need for concrete boarding pads, curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, sidewalk installations, and traffic signals.

Staff are gathering feedback on these types of issues with Metro’s new stops and will put a list together to review and coordinate with the City of Madison Transportation Department and City of Madison Transportation Commission.

This coordination will include determining which improvements might already be in the process of being worked on through other City projects.

If a concern hasn’t already been identified for improvement, then staff will look at which ones might be able to be worked on right away, and which items might require additional funding.

This will be a continuous project with no deadline on providing input.

Please tell us about what improvements might need to be made at your stop.

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Metro is putting together new email and text “Accessibility Notices” to alert interested riders about upcoming tours of new Metro facilities such as Bus Rapid Transit stations and equipment such as articulated buses.

Requests for input and comment on accessibility issues will also be sent out to these subscription groups.

If you’d like to be included on or both lists, email

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