New Technology on Metro Buses

Test Platform Now Live! 

The online test environment for the new Metro Transit Bus Tracker is now live for 12 buses. 

Metro Transit Bus Tracker 

This is a TEST environment. We want riders to get a sneak peek into what's coming, but please keep in mind the following when using: 

  • Live arrival information will only show for the 12 buses with the new technology installed. All other routes/buses will not show up on the tracker and/or will read as SCHEDULED times. 
  • Riders are discouraged from signing up for subscription alerts at this time. Data is incomplete and will not output accurate or complete information. 
  • We are in a testing phase - there will be errors. For example, route lines may be off, stop names may be incorrect, etc.


Metro is testing new software technology on 12 buses. The new tech impacts the full operation of the bus - from how the driver logs into their shift, to the how the bus communicates back to Dispatch. 

Passengers will also experience a difference in their ride. 

The two most notable changes for riders are: 

  1. GPS Tracking for the test buses will only be on a new, separate platform. 
  2. Audible stop announcements have been updated.

We appreciate your feedback and patience as we navigate changing from our old software to the new and improved technology! 

Testing will continue throughout the summer. All Metro buses are expected to have the new technology installed by August 2024. 

New 'Metro Transit Bus Tracker'

A part of the software update is launching a new GPS tracking system. The new system will be similar to our previous "Transit Tracker," but more user-friendly. The tracker has trip-planning, real-time information by stop, a live map and will eventually show active detour routing.

Metro Transit Bus Tracker 

Unfortunately during the testing phase, the test platform of the Bus Tracker will be the only way to track the 12 test buses. All other platforms (Transit, Google, Metro's website) will show SCHEDULED information. That means if you cannot see your bus/route on Transit or Google - check Bus Tracker! 

The vehicle numbers for the 12 test buses are below. Look for big green and yellow ads on the side of the bus indicating TEST BUS soon. 

bus with test bus advertisement on it
  • 021
  • 106
  • 126
  • 140
  • 155
  • 963
  • 975
  • 988
  • 1912
  • 2001
  • 2005
  • 2202

Audible Stop Announcements 

New audible stop announcements are also a part of the technology upgrade. Updated software includes new GPS functionality, so the audible announcement declaring the next stop plays at a specific time(s) to best alert riders, without annoying them! We also have the ability to play public service announcements in English and Spanish. 

During the test, we will need riders help with street and destination pronunciations. If you hear something that doesn't sound quite right, let us know!  

Give Us Your Feedback 

Throughout the testing period, we need to hear from you. The more feedback we receive from our riders, the better we our technology will work and function in the long run. What works? What doesn't work? How can it be improved? Please let us know!


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