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Dog Free Parks

Dog Free Park

Leashed and licensed dogs are allowed in most Madison parks, but NOT all. There are a few notable exceptions listed and mapped on this page. Dog Free Parks allow visitors to enjoy a space to recreate or relax without the presence of dogs.

NOTE: If you are bringing your leashed and licensed dog to a park that allows dogs -- Dogs must be on a leash that is no more than 6 feet long, non-retractable, and held by a person at all times. See MGO 8.19 for more information. 

In early 2020 Madison Common Council approved the revised ordinance (MGO 8.19) allowing dogs, on-leash in most Madison Parks. The following locations prohibit dogs and are approved by the Board of Park Commissioners (initial file 59475) and as such, locations can and may change as we continue to implement the policy.

reston heights signDogs in Parks Status Designation
All Madison parks have either a dog-friendly or dog-free designation. To request a change in the current dog designation, or request for the current designation to remain as is, please complete and submit the below form. Request forms submitted on or before October 15 will be reviewed at the November Board of Park Commissioners meeting. Online Dogs in Parks Status Designation 

In addition, a number of locations continue to prohibit dogs.  Violators may and should be reported by contacting a Park Ranger (608) 235-0448.