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Madison Parks has several parks with working fireplaces.  You are welcome to use the fireplaces with your park shelter reservation. Hoyt Park also has several refurbished outdoor fireplaces where you can enjoy toasted marshmallows and a quiet evening around a fire. Just remember to bring your own wood and extinguish the fire completely before leaving the park.  Please note, fires are not permitted in Vilas Park during the winter months.

With the guidance of the Madison Fire Department and MGO 34.07, fires in general parks (not in a conservation park) are allowed with the following rules:
  • Fire has a spark arrestor or heavy screen to contain the embers and sparks
  • Fire has at least 10 ft. clearance from combustibles
  • Smoke does not create a nuisance
  • Fire is continuously monitored and maintained by an adult
  • A method to extinguish the fire is readily available