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Heritage Sanctuary
625 Meadowlark Dr.

Hours: 4:00am - dusk
Park Type: Conservation
Acres: 9.34
Restroom: No
Drinking Water: No

At peak trillium bloom in mid-May, Heritage Sanctuary is unequaled.  Under an oak forest canopy lies a wildflower carpet more typical of a maple forest.  The winding trail takes you through this unusual woodland community. 

Features 0.5 miles of trails.

January 2012 - Heritage Sanctuary Stormwater Corridor Improvement

Heritage Sanctuary contains a diverse oak woodland wildflower community. However, currently stormwater coming from street drains travels through the heart of the park causing erosion and disturbance. A second stormwater route traverses the south edge of the park.

After discussions with city engineering, a solution has been designed to better handle this urban stormwater while protecting the park. The first phase which is currently under way involves improving the southern stormwater channel. In areas where the grade is steep rock rip rap is installed to safely carry the stormwater without eroding soil. In other areas where the grade is flatter a grass lined channel will be developed to convey the water.

Phase two will involve diverting the stormwater that comes from the Kennedy Park area. Currently this water travels through the center of Heritage Sanctuary causing severe erosion. The diverted stormwater will be directed to the stormwater channel that forms the southern boundary of the conservation park.
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