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Olbrich Park
3527 Atwood Ave.

Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Community
Acres: 66.85
Restroom: Yes
Drinking Water: Yes
Shoreline On: Lake Monona & Starkweather Creek

Whether you are looking for a day of leisure, a picnic with your family, or just a great place to revitalize, Olbrich Park is the place to be.  Located on Madison's East side along the skirt of Lake Monona and adjacent to Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Olbrich Park is one of Madison's largest lakefront parks.  With its diverse athletic facilities you are sure to enjoy a good game of soccer, volleyball, softball, or football.  Bring a team or just a friend to play on the basketball or tennis courts.  Olbrich Park has many amenities sure to interest anybody in any season.  In the summer you can soothe yourself by watching the ducks, fishing off the pier, launching your boat or just savoring the beauty of the open water.  Bring the kids for a swim at the beach or have playtime on the play equipment.  During the winter months, take time to practice your skills at the ice skating rink or bring a sled and glide down the spacious sledding hill.  The scenic skyline view of the isthmus adds serenity to an early morning jog and it adds a romantic glow to an evening stroll.  Anytime is a great time to venture to one of Madison's first established city parks, Olbrich Park.

Olbrich Park Land Use Plan

Alcohol is prohibited in this park.  For more information, see the Madison General Ordinance 8.24.

October 2015 Playground Update: Due to a safety hazzard one playground (there are 3) will be closed for repairs. We anticipate it will be back open by the end of the month.