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Glass containers are NOT allowed in the parks.


The Parks Division provides refuse containers in all parks. All park users are expected to pick up their trash and dispose of them in the proper containers.


Madison Parks Department encourages recycling away from home. Some of the major park shelters do have recycling containers. In those that don't, please take home the recyclable material you bring to the park.

Alcohol-free Parks

Tenney Park, James Madison Park, Brittingham Park, Reindahl Park, Demetral Park, Lake Edge Park, Olbrich Park and Penn Park are alcohol-free parks. If you are reserving these parks for an event, you will need a permit to bring alcohol to these parks. Go to Alcohol Ordinance & full list of Alcohol-Free Parks


Driving or parking motorized vehicles is prohibited on the grass. Violators will be subject to ticketing.
To protect our natural areas, visitors to the conservation park are asked to observe the following rules.

  • All plants and animals are protected. Disturbance or removal requires written permission.

  • Use designated trails only.

  • Hunting and trapping are prohibited.
  • No firearms or weapons are permitted in the restrooms or shelters. Violators are considered trespassers and subject to forfeiture or arrest.

  • Bicycles and motor vehicles are restricted to entrance roads and parking lots.

  • Dogs and horses are not allowed.

  • Fires, picnics and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

  • Park hours are 4am until one hour after sunset.