Reindahl Park Master Plan Update

Last Updated: 08/19/2022



The City of Madison Parks Division is updating the Master Plan for Reindahl Park. The update process will review existing park uses and amenities as well as identify future improvements. The master plan update will also take into consideration the location of Madison Public Library's Imagination Center within the park. Visit the Madison Public Library's Imagination Center at Reindahl Park for more information.

Reindahl Park consists of 90.74 acres of land and is a community park. Community parks are typically greater than 20 acres and focus on meeting community-based recreation needs, as well as preserving unique landscapes and open spaces.

Parks staff will hold a public input meeting and issue an online survey to gather input from the community on the future of Reindahl Park. Once the Master Plan update has been developed with input from the neighborhood, the plan will go to the Board of Park Commissioners for approval.

Public Survey

From August 10 through 4:30pm on August 24, a public survey is open to provide feedback regarding the opportunities and constraints at Reindahl Park. Information gathered from the survey will be available at the August 30 public meeting.

Public Meeting

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Meeting Location:
East Madison Community Center - Multi-Purpose Room
8 Straubel Court
Madison, WI 53704

Additional Information

Scope of a Master Plan

What is the scope and purpose of a master plan?

  • It is a 15 to 25 year document to guide development and management of the park
  • It graphically depicts the recreational opportunities at the park
  • It provides the general location of the various activities and infrastructure needs
  • It provides the general location for roads, trails and parking lots
  • It delineates general land management practices and locates them in the park
  • What it does not do:
    • Provide future exact locations of trees to be planted, or call out species for future tree planting
    • Provide details on the future of any specific existing tree or shrub
    • Provide details on the design, fit or finish of proposed buildings or recreation amenities
    • Provide details and exact dimensions or surface materials for trails, roads and parking lots

The updated master plan is not a planting plan or a land management plan. In short, the master plan is closer to a concept plan than a set of design development drawings or a construction plan set. It will provide the public and Parks staff with guidance as to the long term plans for the park and assist Parks with its yearly capital improvements planning.

Public Meetings

At the first public meeting (August 30) we will:

  • Review the info gathered via the survey, review the list provided in 2020 by the Friends of Reindahl Evirons (FORE)
  • Discuss Guiding Principles for the plan and for the short, median and long term management of Reindahl Park
  • Draft/gather ideas for a Vision Statement
  • Draft 3 to 6 strategic goals that can measure if we have met our vision statement

Draft master plan update information will then be shared with a variety of park users, including but not limited to the FORE group, the soccer/ultimate group(s), community gardeners, cricket club, etc. This will take place at a series of one-on-one meetings with the stakeholders in September of 2022. Parks will gather and record comments on the draft materials.
Park will then host a second public meeting. At the second public meeting (sometime in early Oct) we will:

  • Review the master plan update graphic
  • Review the:
    • Draft Vision
    • Draft Guiding Principles
    • Draft Strategic Goals
    • Draft Management Objectives
    • Comments and concerns brought to our attention at the stakeholder meetings

Parks will then return to the office to address all of the concerns and comments. Parks will draft the Master Plan Update graphic and planning memo. The planning memo will contain background information, as well at the final vision statement, guiding principles, strategic goals, and management objectives.
This material will be presented at a final public meeting to be held in late October of 2022. The master plan update will then go before the BPC in November of 2022 and January of 2023.