Spring Cleaning in Madison Parks

Important Projects & Dates

Athletic Fields: We ask that athletic sport practices and play stay off the fields until the turf is able to support such play. Typically, league sports are not allowed on the fields until after April 15. When games/practices are played on fields with poor or unsafe conditions - which is typical in early spring, participants and spectators can be injured. Also, major damage to the fields can result. Afterwards, it can take months, or even years, for the fields to get back into quality playing condition. To check the conditions go to: Athletic Fields

Shelters & Restrooms: Between April 9 and April 23, all of the Madison Parks shelters will be open for reservations. This process includes opening the restrooms, water and drinking fountains. Staff cannot open up the restrooms until the threat of a hard frost is no longer in the forecast. If between now and the opening time of these shelters, Madison has long warm weather streak, Madison Parks may make accommodations for porta-potties at some of the major parks. To reserve a Madison Park Shelter.

Street Tree Planting: The Madison Parks Forestry section typically plants street trees in mid-April. During this spring planting, staff will plant several thousand trees in a 2-3 week period. For more information on Madison Parks Forestry.

Boat Launch & Fishing Piers: Weather permitting, boat launch piers will be installed by May 1, opening day of fishing.

Earth Day Challengs: APRIL 27, Volunteer for the Earth Day Challenge on April 27

Graffiti: Staff takes care of the graffiti in the parks whenever possible. Warmer temperatures are needed to paint and for the cleaning chemicals to remove the graffiti. Go to: Report Graffiti

Spring Events in Madison Parks

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