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Ski Trail Thirty-two kilometers of signed and groomed trails await cross-country skiers in 6 Madison Parks locations.  Trail difficulties range from easy to advanced.  

Ski Rental is available at Elver Park (daily) and Odana Hills (weekends/holidays and MMSD winter break only). 

A Cross-Country Ski Permit is required for Elver Park, Odana Hills and Yahara Hills.  This annual pass is also valid on Dane County Park Ski Trails Please note that the fee-based trails will have a higher level of grooming, which includes skate ski lanes, tracks and more frequent grooming. The free/non-fee ski trails will have tracks groomed at least weekly..

Please remember that Mother Nature (not the Madison Parks) decides when the cross-country ski trails can open. To groom the ski trails, we need at least 4 inches of snow. To keep updated on the ski trail conditions, subscribe to email updates on My Account.  

Trail Rules
  • A trail pass is required at Elver Park, Odana Hills and Yahara Hills Golf Courses and groomed Dane County Park trails.
  • For your safety, some trails are marked for one-way use. Please follow these directions.
  • Trails are rated for difficulty at the trailhead.
  • Dogs, horses, snowboards, motor vehicles and snowshoes are not allowed on designated cross-country ski trails.
  • Skiers must stay on groomed trails. Off-trail skiing can damage greens and tees on the golf courses and harm wildlife and plants in conservation parks.
  • Please report any safety hazard, vandalism, or damaged facilities to the Parks Office, (608) 266-4711.
  • Where trails are groomed for both skating and diagonal striding, please respect each other's space.
  • Slower skiers stay to the right.
  • Please repair sitzmarks on downhill trails as a courtesy to your fellow skiers.
  • NO HIKING OR SNOWSHOEING on the ski trails.

Ski trail grooming standards: 
Elver Park, Odana Hills and Yahara Hills ski trails require a permit, therefore have a higher level of grooming provided. When conditions allow, these trails will be groomed 3-5 times a week, including the weekends. These three park/trails systems will be groomed for both skate skiing and traditional/diagonal.

The rest of the trails are FREE for anyone to use. These trails will be groomed for traditional/diagonal skiing once a week as conditions allow.

The public may call (608) 266-4711 for more information.

Skiing at Cherokee Marsh - South Unit

Location: 802 S. Wheeler Rd.
Ski Trail Details

Door Creek Park - Ski Trail

Location: 7035 Littlemore Dr.
Ski Trail Details

Elver Park Ski Trails

Location: 1250 McKenna Blvd.
OPEN - West ski trails regroomed
Ski Trail Details

Monona Golf Course - Ski Trail

Location: 111 Dean Ave.
Ski Trail Details

Odana Hills Golf Course - Ski Trail

Location: 4635 Odana Rd.
Ski Trail Details

Owen Conservation Park - Ski Trail

Location: 6021 Old Sauk Rd.
Ski Trail Details

Turville Point Conservation Park - Ski Trail

Location: 1156 Olin Turville Ct.
Ski Trail Details

Yahara Hills Golf Course - Ski Trail

Location: 6701 Hwy 12 & 18 East
Ski Trail Details