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Amigos en Azul Blotter

Building Diversity: Strengthening Our Communities

November 16, 2020 1:54 PM

In January of 2020, an MPD Officer was contacted by the executive director of the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs, Margie Gonzalez. Director Gonzalez had read about Madison PD's Amigos en Azul program, and hoped that a member of Amigos would travel to Boise to present at a state-wide law enforcement conference. Amigos en Azul is a grassroots MPD initiative that has been in existence since 2003. The officers who take part are all volunteers, and work to dissolve cultural barriers, build partnerships and open lines of communication between the Latino community and MPD, in partnership with Dane County-area law enforcement. Throughout the year, Amigos en Azul officers engage in a variety of outreach events, including a free soccer tournament, a week-long youth academy, car safety clinics, and an annual fall trip with area youth to take in a Chicago Fire game.

MPD sent Amigos en Azul president Gracia Rodriguez to Idaho, and she presented to 100 law enforcement attendees on July 30th, 2020 at the summit, "Building Diversity: Strengthening Our Communities".   Officer Rodriguez had the opportunity to speak about MPD's years-long commitment to positive engagement with the Latino community, and the importance of better understanding their individual challenges. She also spent time with a Boise refugee liaison officer, a half-time Latino community liaison officer, and the three members of the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs. MPD was honored to take part in this statewide training and engage in important conversations about community and inclusivity.

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