Gang Unit

The MPD Gang Unit is staffed by a Sergeant and six Officers with each Officer assigned to a district. The mission of the Madison Police Department Gang Unit is to addresses gang activity through intervention, prevention, and enforcement strategies with the intent to provide the citizens of Madison a better quality of life. This is accomplished by providing training and support and externally to empower the community through education and shared knowledge of street gang activity so we can collectively create and maintain a safe environment.



Sergeant Rahim Rahaman
Phone: (608) 266-5951

Officer Lester Moore
Phone: (608) 261-9292
Cell: (608) 240-3717


Officer Adria Ehly
Phone: (608) 266-5971
Cell: (608) 220-8244


Officer Ricardo Franco
Phone: (608) 229-8208
Cell: (608) 438-0617


Officer Terry Loos
Phone: (608) 243-0551
Cell: (608) 576-7766


Officer Matthew Magolan
Phone: (608) 266-4812
Cell: (608) 209-8589


Officer Shane Olson
Phone: (608) 243-0111
Cell: (608) 209-7172