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About the Job

Academy Training

Our Academy usually runs from 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday. The Academy is not residentially based; at the end of the workday, recruits go to their own homes - not a barracks or dormitory. The tone of our Academy endeavors to treat all of our recruits as continuing adult learners. Those ultimately hired will receive extensive training in such areas as law, crisis intervention, firearms, and use of community resources. This initial training lasts six months, and is one of the most comprehensive in the country. It is conducted in Madison under the direct supervision of the Madison Police Department Training Staff.

It is not unusual for our newly-hired officers to have widely varying technical and non-technical skills. Our goal is to provide a base of training which builds on each individual's unique body of knowledge and expertise. As a recruit in training, full salary and benefits apply.

Note: MPD does not provide an exemption from the pre-service academy for officers interested in lateral employment to our Department. Everyone hired, regardless of certification, must participate in our academy.

Field Training

Upon completion of the academy, new officers will be assigned to a 4 month field training program with an experienced officer, working the 6/3 patrol workweek, working various shifts prior to a solo patrol assignment.

Solo Patrol

Based on seniority from the academy, you will participate in the annual patrol shift pick to determine your schedule for the following year. New officers will be placed on an 18 month probationary period from the first day of the academy.

Promotional Opportunities & Specialty Positions

After 4 years of service, you may compete for promotion to Detective or Investigator.

After 5 years, you may compete for promotion to Sergeant.

There are also a variety of competitive lateral positions within the Department that officers are eligible for after 3 years.

Recruitment Questions

Personnel & Training Office
(608) 261-9856

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