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Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Madison Police Department! We have a dedicated team of officers available to answer your questions. Email any of these about the daily job functions of a police officer, specialty positions within the department, and what it means to join the MPD team.

Send questions about the hiring process to, or call (608) 261-9856.

Paige Decent

Paige Decent

Ask me about the application and hiring process!

Date of Hire: 2018

Education: BS in Criminal Justice with a minor in social justice with an emphasis in prejudice and discrimination

Previous Experience: MPD Intern and East High School Security

Current & Past Assignments: Recruiting Police Officer, Patrol Officer, Mental Health Liaison, Field Training Officer, Background Investigator, PCS Instructor, Vehicle Contacts Instructor and EVOC Instructor, Mentor Program Chair

Gracia Rodriguez

Gracia G. Rodriguez

Ask me about Amigos en Azul!

Date of Hire: 2016

Education: B.S. in Forensic Science – Loyola University- Chicago

Previous Experience: Crime Scene Investigator in Greensboro, NC, Volunteer Teacher in Mérida, Yucatan, México

Current & Past Assignments: Detective, Allied Drive Neighborhood Police Officer, Community Outreach and Resource Education Officer, Patrol Officer, Amigos en Azul Chair, Back-up Public Information Officer, Background Investigator, Investigative Support Officer

Chanda Dolsen

Chanda M. Dolsen

Ask me about Academy Life!

Date of Hire: 2006

Education: BA in General Studies with a minor in Criminal Justice and Sociology – Ball State University Muncie, IN

Previous Experience: Indiana State Trooper 98’-06’

Current & Past Assignments: Sergeant, Full Time Training Officer, Community Policing Team Member – Central & East, State Street Neighborhood Officer, Patrol Officer, Peer Support Officer

Justin Nelsen

Justin Nelsen

Ask me about being a Military Veteran!

Date of Hire: 2014

Education: B.S. in Kinesiology from UW-Oshkosh and MA in Theology – Social Change from Iliff School of Theology

Previous Experience: Restorative Justice Counselor, boxing/strength and conditioning coach, OIF Combat veteran (US Army)

Current & Past Assignments: Gang and Neighborhood Crime Abatement Team Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, Theresa Terrace / Hammersley Road Neighborhood Officer, SWAT Operator, Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Patrol Officer, SET member

Theresa Magyera

Theresa Magyera

Ask me about Promotional Opportunities!

Date of Hire: 2012

Education: B.S. in Sociology – Iowa State University; Master of Science in Criminology – University of Texas at Arlington

Previous Experience: Police Officer in Arlington, Texas, juvenile social worker

Current & Past Assignments: Academy Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, Neighborhood Resource Officer, Patrol Officer, Background Investigator, Police Instructor

Timothy Smith

Timothy Smith

Ask me about our Tuition Reimbursement Program!

Date of Hire: 2008

Education: B.A. in International Relations- University of Wisconsin-Madison; Master of Science in Criminal Justice- University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Previous Experience: Police Officer in Fitchburg, WI; Brewer (beer, not baseball); 9 years in the Army Reserve and Wisconsin National Guard

Current & Past Assignments: Investigator in the Forensic Services Unit, Community Policing Team, Patrol Officer

Anthony Vogel

Anthony Vogel

Ask me about making Madison my home!

Date of Hire: 2018

Education: Michigan State University Bachelor of Arts-Criminal Justice

Previous Experience: MSUPD Special Events Team, Customer Service Representative for Equature

Current & Past Assignments: Patrol Officer, Special Events Team Member, Field Training Officer, Public Information Officer, Field Extrication Team

Kellen Dzick

Kellen Dzick

Ask me about working for another agency prior to Madison PD!

Date of Hire: 2008

Education: BA in Psychology – University of Colorado – Boulder

Previous Experience: Police Officer in the State of Colorado

Current & Past Assignments: Detective, Neighborhood Resource Officer, Patrol Officer, SET Team Member, Mental Health Liaison Officer

Harrison Zanders II

Harrison D. Zanders II

Ask me about our Community Policing Teams!

Date of Hire: 2008

Education: BA LAS Sociology - Iowa State University, Criminal Justice - Chicago State University

Previous Experience: Residential Supervisor (Non-Profit Facility for Juveniles)

Current & Past Assignments: Captain, Lieutenant Officer In Charge, Community Policing Team Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, Gang Unit Officer, Patrol Officer

Strachota, Jordan

Jordan Strachota

Ask me about the Field Training Program!

Date of Hire: 2013

Education: BS in Sociology with Law Enforcement Emphasis

Previous Experience: St. Paul Intern, MN Police SKILLS program- Alexandria Technical College, fitness instructor and restaurant industry

Current & Past Assignments: Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Background Investigator, DAAT Instructor, Adjunct Academy Instructor, PCS, Tactics and Scenario Instructor

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