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The Madison Police Department provides opportunities for internships during the summer months. We ask that students (either in high school or college) submit a resumé and cover letter for our summer internship program.

Resumés must be submitted by the 2nd week of January for the upcoming summer. If you are interested in applying for an internship, please email your resumé and completed Authorization for Release of Information form to our Academy Training Sergeant Theresa Magyera at

The following information must be included on your resumé:

  • Full legal name (first, middle & last name)
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Please include in your cover letter:

  • What do you hope to learn from an internship with MPD?
  • How can you contribute to MPD based on your own experiences, skills and abilities?

The Process

After the first of the year, we determine how many interns we will be able to accept during the summer. Typically, we have 40-60 students competing for an average of 20 unpaid internship positions. This is a competitive internship process.

  1. The Academy Sergeant will review your resumé, cover letter and Authorization for Release of Information.
  2. Background check will be completed on selected applicants.
  3. Selected applicants will be interviewed in late February.
  4. Internship offers will be extended in March.

The majority of our internships take place from late May through August.

What Will My Internship Look Like Within the Department

The work assignments and hours will vary depending on your placement. We try to match students' interests and skill sets with what each supervisor is seeking. Interns have been previously placed with any of the following areas of our Department: District Captains, Community Police Teams (CPTs), Forensic Services, Neighborhood Officers, Mounted Patrol, K9 Unit, Traffic Enforcement Safety Team (TEST), Drug Task Force, Crime Prevention, Gang Unit, Special Investigations Unit, as well as other officers and units. Interns are also typically afforded the opportunity to spend time in units and with officers outside of their placement. This includes participating in ride-alongs.

Why Intern with the Madison Police Department

Our internships have proven to be very valuable to those who have a desire to become a police officer with our Department in the future. We have hired many former interns who are now Guardians who protect and serve the community members of Madison as sworn officers.

We appreciate your interest in our Department and wish you luck!

Authorization for Release of Information Form

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Cratic Williams, Tyrone
As an intern, I shadowed officers in various positions within the department. My experiences provided me with insight on how I can be a great police officer while also making my own unique impact in the community I serve.
- Officer Tyrone Cratic Williams
Henderson, Kristin
My time spent as an intern with the Madison Police Department was an ideal transition from an educational setting to an eventual career with MPD. The experience was truly rewarding.
- Detective Kristin Henderson
Graziano, Jack
As an intern I was offered an intense and thorough look at what transpires behind MPD district windows. I was exposed to almost every function of MPD which satisfied my curiosity. Most rewarding, however, was my supervisor's recognition of my talents and utilization of my skills; I felt valued even though I was temporary. My academic interests in policing became a desire to become a Police Officer.
- Officer Jack Graziano
Marzullo, Christopher
My internship reaffirmed my desire to be a part of the City of Madison Police department.
- Officer Christopher Marzullo
Woehrle, Eugene
My internship provided an excellent opportunity to experience the diverse programs and culture within the department, and it confirmed that the City of Madison Police Department was where I wanted to spend my law enforcement career.
- Lieutenant Eugene Woehrle