Apply: The Process

  1. It is very important to make certain the entire application is filled out accurately and completely. This form will represent you during the entire selection process. (Put N/A where something does not apply to you.)
  2. Following a review of your application, you will be invited to take a written exam and to complete the physical agility assessment. The written exam measures reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, similar to those you have probably taken in school. AN ESSAY WILL BE GIVEN AT THE WRITTEN EXAM AND SHOULD BE REVIEWED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. These tests are not intended to assess your knowledge of specific skill sets or procedures unique to policing.
  3. Upon successful completion of the written exam and essays, the results will be evaluated in conjunction with the preliminary application. The review will be conducted by an internal panel using criteria approved by the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners (PFC). This panel will select a group of applicants to continue to the oral board component of the hiring process.
  4. Remaining applicants will appear for an oral interview with a panel approved by the PFC. Only the highest scorers will be advanced.
  5. An investigation into the background of remaining candidates will be completed by the Madison Police Department. Applicants are advised to be very accurate when completing the Personal History Statement. Any falsification or misrepresentation may be cause for rejection. An eligibility list will be established by the PFC at the completion of the background process.
  6. The remaining candidates will have a personal interview with the Chief of Police, a ride-along with a Field Training Officer, and a discussion with one of our psychiatrists. This stage can be accomplished in one trip/visit to Madison.
  7. A conditional job offer will be made to those selected. For removal of conditions, a candidate MUST:
    • Pass a comprehensive medical examination (at MPD's expense).
    • Candidate signs a Commitment Pledge (agrees to withdraw from any other hiring process and stipulates forfeiture of $5,000 if the candidate leaves MPD prior to the conclusion of the probationary period of 18 months).
    • The offer of employment may be withdrawn if the candidate engages in conduct detrimental to MPD (i.e., evidence of serious behavior that contravenes the suitability of employment as a police officer, as determined by MPD).
  8. The Chief will recommend a panel of applicants to the PFC for hire.
  9. Once the Academy commences, there is no eligibility list. Applicants can reapply each year for the next class.

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