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Laterals/Accelerated Academy

The Madison Police Department is currently recruiting for an "accelerated" academy exclusively for veteran police officers (i.e., officers with three or more years of continuous and full-time law enforcement experience in patrol).

As a veteran police officer you would attend our accelerated Academy, (taught in-house by MPD Training Staff, non-residential, Monday-Friday, 8a-4p, with full pay and benefits provided) following the academy you would participate in a condensed field training program before moving seamlessly to a position in Patrol Services.

The current starting salary as of May, 2022 is $62,782. Please visit our website to learn more about our hiring process and to download an application.

  • Fully funded pension - the Wisconsin Retirement System ranks #8 in the country and #25 in the world
  • Qualified immunity state, Wisconsin recognizes the qualified immunity standard for law enforcement officers
  • Our accelerated academy will prepare you to take the State of Wisconsin reciprocity exam
  • Education incentive pay
  • Tuition Reimbursement program
  • City funded annual uniform allowance
  • 16.5 vacations days a year to start (this will be prorated for a partial year of employment)
  • Voluntary overtime opportunities are available after the completion of field training
  • Rebound Program - Whether injured on or off duty, they will facilitate getting you a medical appointment within 24-48 hours, or into a specialist within 72 hours of diagnosis. This program extends to your immediate family as well.
  • Our most recent Union Contact can be found here.

Recruitment Questions

Personnel & Training Office
(608) 261-9856

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