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City of Madison

With respect to the preliminary application, review it carefully. Applications deemed "incomplete" will not be advanced for further review unless/until omissions or deficiencies have been resolved. Therefore, read and follow directions carefully ensuring that all questions have been answered, supporting documentation is attached (or is in transit) and the final work product should be neat and legible.

Everyone who submits a complete application is invited to take the written test. Each candidate is accorded one opportunity only to test during any given recruitment campaign.

Bear in mind that a submitted application becomes an extension of you and serves as a measure of your professionalism. Additionally, proper completion of the preliminary application is similar to an officer in the field pursuing an investigation. Certain procedures must be followed, timeliness is critical and the final report must be comprehensive. That same attention to detail will be noted in this, the first phase of a competitive hiring process. If your packet does not include all the above-mentioned attachments, or you have additional questions, please contact Deb Slawek.

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