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We Are The 28 - Still Playing in the Same Neighborhood: MPD Sisters Taya and Chanda

February 15, 2020 9:23 AM

Taya flashes a sly grin as she looks at her sister Chanda and explains that it is not common for people to know which one is the younger sister.  They both take playful jabs at each other while at the MPD Training Center.  "The first time either of us ever got punched in the face was not while we were police officers," says Chanda, as Taya laughs in agreement.  Being the younger sisters of two brothers, they fondly share childhood memories of growing up in rural Indiana, playing on the same team against other youth in neighborhood sports, and regularly rough-housing with their brothers.  The spirited sibling rivalry was evident while they shared their stories.

With a major in Criminal Justice, and a master's degree in Counseling, Taya spent the earlier parts of her career as a Residence Hall Director, stating, "My whole adult life has been centered around people."  Currently a detective, Taya has been with the MPD since 2003.  Chanda started her career in law enforcement with Indiana State Police in 1998, but then got hired with the MPD in 2006, currently serving as a training officer.  After finishing her bachelor's degree while employed with the MPD, she aspires to obtain her master's degree in the near future.

With warm looks of endearment, the sisters affirm the appreciation of family.  Taya speaks fondly of her partner, Courtney, while Chanda discusses her wife Christina, and identifies as a proud parent and grandmother.  Taya and Chanda agree that they have always been close.  After all of these years, now with the MPD, they still play on the same neighborhood team.

For those counting, Chanda is the younger sister by three years.  


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