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We Are The 28 - A Place You Can Be Yourself - Police Report Typist Samantha Schwartz

June 21, 2020 10:08 AM

Upon stepping into the workspace of Samantha Schwartz, one cannot help but notice how colorfully decorated it is.  Her Funko Pop! figures line her workspace in an impressive display.  "I don't know how many I have exactly," she laughs.  "But I can find out!"  Samantha, who is in her seventh year with the MPD as a Police Report Typist, describes herself as an art lover. Samantha describes her passion for Broadway shows, comic books, cartoons, and handmade crafts. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Aside from the time studying at UW-Parkside for Instrumental Music Performance, Samantha has spent the majority of her life in Dane County.  After obtaining her certificate in Business Software Applications from Madison College, she got a job with the MPD. "I wanted to use what I went to school for," she says.  As a Police Report Typist, Samantha is tasked with typing reports, statements, and general correspondence from a variety of written and audio sources.  Additionally, she processes data and documents while providing customer service as the first point of contact at the Midtown District Station.

"I never thought a job like this existed," she says. "No one goes to school for it."  Samantha explains that she always wanted to contribute to law enforcement in some capacity.  "It helped that my mom worked for the department," she says, referencing her mother who recently retired as a police lieutenant from a lifetime career with the MPD. Samantha knew she didn't want to be a police officer; as a PRT, she found her calling.

Samantha emphasizes the inclusive work environment at the MPD. "It really is a family," she reflects.  Samantha explains that she can be herself at work, especially as a queer woman.  She adds that she never feels judged for who she is or how she expresses herself.

Samantha's affinity for organization and her trademark enthusiasm constantly shine through. She has a head count of the Funko Pop! figures by interview's end. "I have 180!" she proudly exclaims.  "I switch them up every season."

Samantha Schwartz

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