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We Are The 28 - Collegiate Swimmer, Care Provider, Chicken Farmer -The Many Hats of Patrol Officer Jessica Wolf

August 23, 2020 9:22 AM

Originally from Muskego, Wisconsin, Officer Jessica Wolf competed in collegiate freestyle swimming at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor where she studied sociology and psychology. Until her swim coach encouraged her to apply to the MPD, Jessica had never considered law enforcement as a career. It was during the ride-along portion of the interview process that she saw the relationship between her coursework and law enforcement. "It made sense to me," she says. "It really put the pieces together." A proud patrol officer currently out of the MPD South District, Jessica continues to channel her education in her work. "Every day, you are put in different situations," she says. "But you learn there are always different ways to solve many problems."

For Jessica, the value of relationships has always played a vital role in her life. In her junior year of college, she took a job working with a teenager who was on the autism spectrum. Not only was the job gratifying, but it gave Jessica a greater perspective in providing service to people and caring for others. Jessica learned a lot about mental health diagnoses, about herself, and how society regards people who are different.  She saw very quickly how others responded when she and the teen were in public together. "Some people who don't understand autism would stare and feel uncomfortable around an individual diagnosed with autism." Through this friendship, Jessica was able to view the world from a unique lens. 

Jessica's dynamic, do-it-all personality extends beyond her education and career path to her personal life. Jessica shares her home with her partner, her two dogs, and fourteen chickens. "It is super therapeutic!" she exclaims. An avid gardener, Jessica grows vegetables and will often harvest fresh vegetables to feed the chickens. "They absolutely love it! It is a great relationship," she says, referencing herself, her garden, and her pets.  "No matter what happens, when I go home, it makes me happy to be with my animals."

Jessica Wolf

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