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We Are The 28 - Walking the Walk - Madison PD has 28 percent female commissioned members - The new Academy class? 36 percent female

September 6, 2020 10:59 AM

The women of MPD's pre-service Police Academy have finished rifle instruction for the day, and are walking purposefully toward cleaning stations. Baseball caps and buns bob side-by-side as the 18 women talk and laugh from behind an array of masks and face coverings. Amidst national conversations about the role of police in society, in the middle of a pandemic year, not 1 of MPD's 50 Academy recruits have left the program. Training Captain Jen Krueger Favour describes the class as inclusive, with a vision of what they want to do: help their community, and contribute in a meaningful way.

Captain Krueger Favour talks about the value of her class's life experiences, and what that contributes to community service. "People can be who they are – that is truly what we want, for life experience to shine. Let's tap into those experiences," she says passionately. The 18 women of this class bring with them a staggering array of lived experiences. They come to Madison and to public service from Edgewood College, Marian University, Beloit College, University of Iowa, and UW-Madison, Milwaukee, and Platteville. They went to school for music and psychology, journalism and political science, legal studies and agriculture. Three women are former UW athletes, in rowing, basketball, and hockey. There are moms in the group, a teacher, and women fluent in Hmong, Spanish, and French. Several have served or continue to serve in the military.

The women are a cross-section of Madison itself, educated and diverse, some from the area and others drawn to our city for its livability and opportunities. Nationally, only 12% of officers at the level of local law enforcement are female. MPD's 36% female Academy class far exceeds that statistic. They will step out onto the streets of Madison in November, ready to serve.

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2020 MPD Recruit Class

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