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Civilian Spotlight - We Are The 28 - An "Old Soul" in Modern Times - MPD Training Center Administrative Clerk Crystal Pleasnick

September 20, 2020 9:51 AM

When asked about her interests, Crystal Pleasnick playfully replies, "I'm really not that interesting!"  She proceeds to explain that when not taking care of her immediate family, she enjoys watching Svengoolie, old episodes of the Twilight Zone, or is engaged in other bits of nostalgic pop culture.  "I'm an old soul," she says.

Crystal began her job as Administrative Clerk in 2014, at the MPD Training Center.  Since then, she has met all officers that attend the MPD Police Academy.  Crystal maintains training and certification records for the entire department, while coordinating the Training Center schedule.

"Sometimes, I get to be part of the coolness," she says, alluding to being an actor in training scenarios.  A holistic learner, Crystal can appreciate all of the disciplines and fields involved in policing.  Likewise, she enjoys being around individuals who are continuous learners.  She adopts the same practices in her personal life.

"My background is in art," she says.  "I try to expose my family to art, music, and local performances."  Crystal graduated from UW-Whitewater with a major in Music, minoring in Print Journalism.  She then studied Digital Photography at the Illinois Institute of Art.  Crystal still plays her flute, piano, and saxophone, on a regular basis.

"I do love to travel when I get the chance," she says.  "But send me to the best cafe or greasy spoon, where the local people go."  Aside from dive restaurants, Crystal loves chips and guacamole, strawberry Twizzlers, and Pop Tarts... the s'mores flavor.  "But not as a breakfast food," she adds.  "Only as a treat!"

For those still wondering, type "Svengoolie" in your Google search.

Cyrstal Pleasnick

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