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We Are The 28 - Investing in the People Around You: Captain Jennifer Krueger Favour

December 6, 2020 10:29 AM

Next year, Captain Jennifer Krueger Favour will celebrate thirty years with the MPD. Although her assignments have evolved through the years, her favorite part of the job remains the people. Currently the Captain of Training, Captain Krueger Favour's team instructed the historically large 50-officer recruit class, who are now in field training.  In addition to that tall order, Jen's team ensures that all 477+ commissioned members of MPD undergo twice-yearly in-service instruction. That training is critical to keep personnel state certified to perform their duties. She emphasizes the necessity to adapt with an ever-changing society. "State mandates continue to change," she says. "Nationwide, events also dictate what we teach."

Captain Krueger Favour has experienced many changes during her career with the MPD. She began in 1991 as a Bicycle Pedestrian Monitor, primarily assisting with bicycle licensure. What started as a part-time job while studying elementary education at UW-Madison evolved into a gratifying career. Although Captain Krueger Favour taught in the Madison Metro School District for two years, she ultimately applied and became a sworn officer with the MPD in 1995. Since then, she has served on the MPD's first Community Policing Team, the inaugural Special Events Team, SWAT, and the Honor Guard. Some of her promotional achievements include patrol sergeant for the Central District, Lieutenant of the Forensics Services Unit, Captain of Investigative Services, Captain of Community Outreach, and now, the Captain of Training.

As her prolific career has indicated, Captain Krueger Favour embraces the exciting challenges of new frontiers. Jen implements the same values in her personal life, as she is always up for discovering new places, meeting new people, and sharing new experiences. Although she acknowledges that Madison has plenty of fresh and undiscovered destinations, she has a strong affinity for traveling overseas with her husband. Similar to how she leads, Captain Krueger Favour values those around her, and is invested in her relationships. She speaks warmly of her husband, two step children, her parents, her brother, sister, and their families, and her amazing friends. Not surprisingly, Jen's personal life is oriented around the same passion that drives her career – the people who comprise it.

Captain JKF
"I was on my way to Mackinac Island to surprise my friend who was getting married there.  I flew in for less than 20 hours to be there for the rehearsal dinner :)  (I had to work that day and a MPD event the day after..... hence the flying in!)   She had no idea I was coming- it was an amazing surprise."


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