Accessibility in Winter

Each year we receive calls from residents with disabilities who experience difficulty moving about in the community due to the snow. Large snow falls combined with Madison's number of streets, crosswalks, curb cuts and bus stops make it virtually impossible to clear snow from every site on a timely basis. The City asks residents to assist in letting the us know of problem areas by reporting issues to Report a Problem.

Sidewalk Clearing

The City of Madison requires that property owners remove all snow and ice from sidewalks, including curb cuts. Please notify Building Inspection of any sidewalk or curb cut that is impassable due to snow and/or ice accumulation. You can report it in a variety of ways:

Clearing of Wheelchair Ramps

Crosswalk snow removal is begun with the Isthmus Pedestrian Corridor being taken care of first along with the School/Handicap crosswalk list. 8 crews, citywide, are assigned for 3 consecutive nights to begin crosswalk snow removal. Crosswalk snow removal continues throughout the normal workday as well. Crosswalk snow removal continues until the entire City has been checked. (This process takes 3-4 weeks to complete.) City owned sidewalks and the School/Handicap Crosswalk lists are maintained during regular business hours during a storm. Parks and City Engineering are also involved in maintaining City Bike Paths during and after a snow event. The main bike routes are maintained starting at 4:00 a.m. on weekdays in order to be traversable by the morning commute.

Snow Removal for Seniors and Disabled Residents

If you are unable to clear the snow from your sidewalk or driveway because of age/disability, please call the Building Inspection Division at 266-4551 and ask to speak to a Property Maintenance Inspector. The Inspector can try to pair you up with an agency, which can provide assistance and place your address on the 72-hour extension list.

Elderly and disabled who cannot afford to hire someone should contact one of the following community agencies that coordinates shoveling efforts:

Agency Phone Fax
Independent Living (608) 274-7900 (608) 274-9181
South Madison Coalition of the Elderly (608) 251-8405 (608) 251-9028
West Madison Senior Coalition (608) 238-7368 (608) 238-1260
North/Eastside Senior Coalition (608) 243-5252
(608) 243-5259
East Madison/Monona Coalition of the Aging (608) 223-3100 (608) 223-3102