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Be a Good Neighbor

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The City would like to encourage everyone to be a good neighbor. Think about neighbors and friends who do not have the ability to shovel snow from public sidewalks, their walkways and driveways. Let neighbors know ahead of time if you are willing to help. Check with these neighbors after a storm to be sure they are okay and ask if they need assistance.

Clear Your Sidewalk and Walkway

Be a good neighbor and shovel your walk. Make your sidewalk easy to navigate for the elderly, disabled, or parents with strollers. It is your responsibility as the property owner, to clear of any snow or ice that accumulates on the sidewalk that is immediately adjacent to your property. You are required to clear snow from the sidewalk by noon of the day after the snow stopped. And remember, snow plows might create a blockage even after your drive has been cleaned.

Fire Hydrants

The City of Madison Fire Department and the Madison Water Utility ask residents and businesses to help in keeping fire hydrants clear of ice and snow.

It's important to clear a minimum of three feet around the hydrant to give the Fire Department room to work and to get quick access in case of a fire. If a hydrant is lost or buried in snow, firefighters can lose valuable time trying to locate it when they first arrive at a fire

Storm Sewer Catch Basins

Help prevent street flooding and icing by clearing snow away from storm sewer catch basins. When the weather turns warmer and snow begins to melt it's important that the runoff water gets into the storm sewer. If the catch basin is fully or partially covered by a build-up of snow and ice street flooding can occur. Should the thermometer dip again the street can become an ice rink.

Things you can do to help City crews

  • Observe Alternate Side Parking Rules and Snow Emergency Regulations.
  • Don't push snow from a driveway or parking lot onto a City street or sidewalk.
  • Don't park your vehicle at the end of your driveway in a way that would impede the City plow.
  • Help prevent localized flooding, by keeping the catch basin adjacent to your property free from ice and snow.
  • Don't place refuse and recycling containers where they can be buried, damaged or interfere with snow removal.
  • Avoid unnecessary spinning of tires at intersections. This practice is dangerous and is hazardous to other motorists. It also tends to "ice up" the intersections.
  • Make sure mail boxes are installed according to United State Postal Service regulations.