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Why Ride Metro?

The Streets Division works closely with Metro Transit to ensure bus routes are passable during and after snow storms. Add the customer service number, (608) 266-4466, to your phone and sign up to receive service alert information as email or text messages to your cell phone at

Madison Metro Winter Weather Travel Tips

Plan Ahead

Make sure to check your Ride Guide, call Metro's customer service center at (608) 266-4466, or plan your trip online before you travel.

This is especially important if you're making a new trip or one you are not completely familiar with.

Make sure to also confirm that your bus or route is not following a detour due to construction or special event.

Add (608) 266-4466 to Your Cell Phone

Add Metro's customer service center number (608) 266-4466 into your cell phone before leaving for your stop.

If you've been standing at your stop for a long period of time, call to check on your bus.

Buses can run late due to inclement weather and poor road conditions. Drivers maintain schedules as conditions allow.

Plan Extra Time Into Your Commute

During snowy or other inclement weather, add extra time to your commute. Plan ahead and take an earlier trip.

Stay Informed

Go to Metro Transit or City of Madison or check your favorite radio or TV stations for delay and other inclement weather service information.

You can also sign up to receive service alert information via email or text messages to your cell phone.

Contact Metro Transit