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Kids Camps in Parks Permit

The Kids Camps Parks Permit is for organizations looking to host a daily, weekly, or monthly kids camp in a Madison Park. This permit allows for a reduction in shelter fees for kids camps using a Madison Park during a weekday. The kids camp must meet the guidelines below to qualify for the reduction in shelter fees.

Classes in Parks Guidelines

  • Additional permits will be considered on a daily basis and must be applied for (amplification, temporary structures.) Requesting a temporary structure permit requires a two-week notice. Additional permit fees will be applied.
  • No equipment or storage boxes are allowed in Madison Parks when the day camp is not in session or overnight without prior approval.
  • The park/shelter must be cleaned and returned to its original condition each day after a session.
  • Picnic tables must be returned to their original locations within the park each day if they have been moved around.
  • Day Camps utilizing any large shelters in Madison Parks must be cleaned and out of the shelters by 4 pm if there is an evening reservation on that day. Park shelters have a sign listing any reservations and this should be checked daily for evening reservations by the camp contact. If a camp utilizing a large shelter cannot be out of the shelter by 4 pm, additional fees may be applied.
  • Day Camps will not be permitted through this process without additional approvals from the Park's Division in the Level 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 shelters. (Olin Pavilion, Tenney Park John Wall Pavilion, Elver Park New Shelter, Vilas Park Shelter, Highland Manor Park Shelter, and Gates of Heaven) There will be additional fees if approval is received for one of these shelters.

Application & Fee Schedule

Submit the Kids Camps in Parks Permit Application by email or mail:



    Parks Division
    Attn: Special Events
    330 E. Lakeside St.
    Madison, WI 53715

Quetions?, (608) 266-6033.