TDM Process

Madison’s proposed TDM process can be broadly divided into four steps:

TDM Process
  1. Determine Applicability

    TDM applies to new and expanding developments, those changing uses, or those increasing parking with residential and/or non-residential components (commercial, employment, institutional).

  2. Determine TDM targets

    Determine TDM requirements based on land use, development size, and number of proposed parking stalls, using a point-based system.

  3. Create and submit TDM plan

    • Select measures from the TDM menu to meet the assigned point target using the TDM Plan creation tool.
    • Submit TDM plan for approval and pay a nominal fee to cover administrative review of the Plan.
    TDM Process Infographic
  4. Implementation, reporting and monitoring

    • Upon approval, building owners need to implement measures specified in their TDM plans.
    • The city will track and monitor program implementation and set reporting requirements.
    • (Optional) Enroll in a Transportation Management Association for additional assistance with onsite TDM operations.
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