TDM Requirement Factors

The following four factors influence TDM requirements:

factors that influence TDM requirements

Specific projects may be exempt from the program based upon their size, use, and proposed parking. TDM requirements are impacted by location-based modifiers, ensuring that projects in areas with less TDM-mitigation availability are still able to participate in the program.

map of Madison showing where population density is greatest, from the center of the Isthmus, using colors for distinction - blue, pink, orange and yellow

Download and print the TDM Modifiers Map


Overview Map of Madison describing transit services for Peak day, All day and BRT Frequent routes

Download and print the Transit Service Map

For all projects for which the program is applicable, the City has attempted to create a predictable, easy-to-use, staff-driven program that will be easy to participate. To this end, mitigation measures have been identified and an interactive tool put together that would identify TDM requirements based on the characteristics of the property and that would inform applicants of their compliance with the ordinance based upon the mitigation measures that they have selected.

This tool would be submitted to the City as certification of TDM ordinance compliance.

An image of the TDM Plan Creation Tool can be found below

Example TDM Application


Specific TDM requirements, mitigation measures, and a draft TDM Program Worksheet can be found in the TDM Project Documents.

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