We believe our employees are the key to providing exceptional service. To support employee efforts, the City provides programs to engage and develop employees, and to make employee wellness a vital part of the City.

Policies and Procedures For Internal and External Training, APM 2-10

Employee Development & Organizational Effectiveness

City of Madison Professional Development is provided by Employee Development & Organizational Effectiveness (EDOE), a division of Human Resources.

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  • Leadership Development
    EDOE offers many leadership development opportunities. Learn about the conferences and programs available to employees wishing to expand their leadership potential and prepare for leadership and management positions.
  • Microsoft Office 2016
    Learn basic Office 2016 computer skills.

Mandatory Employee Courses

Prohibited Harassment & Discrimination

Departments are required to go through Prohibited Harassment & Discrimination Training approximately every 2-3 years.

The following departments are scheduled for 2017: Parking Utility, Parks, Planning, Planning Division, Police, Streets, Traffic Engineering, Treasurer, Senior Center, Water Utility.


Equity & Engagement

Employee engagement is critical in providing exemplary service for the City of Madison. Engaged public employees see serving the public with integrity as a primary motivator in their daily work life. Learn more about the Mayor's Equity & Engagement program.

Legislative Process

Learn about the process by which an ordinance or resolution goes from an idea to a law by taking Legistar & the Legislative Process, EDOE.


For additional training, contact the Clerk’s Office.

External Opportunities


Call one of these resources below to set up a time for yourself or a group from your department to take this course. If you cannot furnish a location, please call (608) 266-4281 to see if a City Training Room would be available for your training needs.

  • American Red Cross
    (608) 233-9300
  • Dean - St. Marys Health Works
    (608) 827-4424
  • Madison Fire Department
    Che Stedman, (608) 266-4420
  • UW-Health
    (608) 263-7259
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