Professional Development

We believe our employees are the key to providing exceptional service. To support employee efforts, the City provides programs to engage and develop employees, and to make employee wellness a vital part of the City.

Policies and Procedures For Internal and External Training, APM 2-10

Employee Development & Organizational Effectiveness

City of Madison Professional Development is provided by Employee Development & Organizational Effectiveness (EDOE), a division of Human Resources.

Upcoming Courses Full Course Catalog

  • Leadership Development
    EDOE offers many leadership development opportunities. Learn about the conferences and programs available to employees wishing to expand their leadership potential and prepare for leadership and management positions.
  • Microsoft Office 2016
    Learn basic Office 2016 computer skills.

Mandatory Employee Courses

Prohibited Harassment & Discrimination

Departments are required to go through Prohibited Harassment & Discrimination Training approximately every 2-3 years.

The following departments are scheduled for 2017: Parking Utility, Parks, Planning, Planning Division, Police, Streets, Traffic Engineering, Treasurer, Senior Center, Water Utility.


Equity & Engagement

Employee engagement is critical in providing exemplary service for the City of Madison. Engaged public employees see serving the public with integrity as a primary motivator in their daily work life. Learn more about the Mayor's Equity & Engagement program.

Legislative Process

Learn about the process by which an ordinance or resolution goes from an idea to a law by taking Legistar & the Legislative Process, EDOE.


For additional training, contact the Clerk’s Office.

External Opportunities


Call one of these resources below to set up a time for yourself or a group from your department to take this course. If you cannot furnish a location, please call (608) 266-4281 to see if a City Training Room would be available for your training needs.

  • American Red Cross
    (608) 233-9300
  • Dean - St. Marys Health Works
    (608) 827-4424
  • Madison Fire Department
    Che Stedman, (608) 266-4420
  • UW-Health
    (608) 263-7259

CPR Tutorials & Demos


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