• We should be listening for understanding, but often fall into the trap of listening to respond. Come learn practical listening skills, including how to give good feedback as a listener, how to demonstrate you’re listening, and how to respond with a focus on providing clear validation.

    Upcoming Courses:
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm
    30 W Mifflin St.
    10th Floor
  • This session will provide a basic understanding of mental health, mental health disorders, and prevalent myths, as well as tips and best practices for customer service for individuals with mental illness. The course will provide guidelines for communicating with a person with mental illness and will allow for participant scenarios to be shared and discussed. Participants will walk away with not only new skills and practices under their belt, but also information and resources available related to mental health.

    Upcoming Courses:
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Metro Transit-Administration Building
    1245 E Washington Ave
  • This day long program will use quality improvement techniques to help participants assess the needs of your customers, identify the various inputs and outputs within their processes and develop ideas and methods to improve the delivery of their services. The afternoon will focus on practical application of the tools and techniques learned in the morning session.

    Upcoming Courses:
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    30 W Mifflin St.
    10th Floor
  • With the incidence of dementia on the rise in our country, the State of Wisconsin is mobilizing to meet the needs of its citizens by becoming dementia friendly. Many of the smaller communities in Dane County have already begun this journey. Middleton was the first to commit to this goal. In 2016 the City of Madison has a goal to become dementia friendly. This will take initial training and buy in from the citizen groups, city managers and city employees with the hope that by setting this tone, Madison's businesses and organizations will see the value in becoming dementia friendly. This training will include:

    • An explanation of a dementia friendly community
    • A brief overview of dementia
    • Signs that a customer may have memory issues
    • Tools to help employees improve interactions and customer service to those citizens
    • Information about potential environmental changes including signage
    • Resources to help employees
    There are no upcoming training dates for this course.
  • Do you ever face customers who have demands you cannot meet? Do you ever feel that a situation with a customer is out of control? Do you find it difficult to maintain your cool when dealing with an unruly or obnoxious person? This course will help you learn a few strategies that put you back in control of those difficult situations. The course is interactive and focuses on situations that you face in your daily work.

    There are no upcoming training dates for this course.
  • This training is the second part of the LGBTQ Competency Training sponsored by Public Health. Through this training participants will obtain the following information and skills:

    • Participants will have a reinforced understanding of key concepts regarding LGBTQ identities
    • Participants will be able to identify areas of change for their agencies in regards to welcoming LGBTQ clients

    Participants will practice personal and professional skills for interacting with LGBTQ individuals/clients/customer

    The fee for this training is only $25. Please forward your department's billing information to Millicent Hutchinson at mhutchinson@publichealthmdc.com

    There are no upcoming training dates for this course.