Additional Learning Resources

Below are some free or low-cost online learning resources we recommend. If you need technical support with any of them, communicate with the provider. 

As with any work-related purchase or training, make sure you have supervisor approval and support.


Tips for Finding Great Remote Learning for your Team

Where to find high-quality content:

  • Industry websites and associations
  • Federal or state equivalents of your agency
  • Universities, vocational and technical school websites
  • Your current software providers (check out the resources page for tutorials, trainings, or knowledgebase articles)

Regardless of the source, here’s what to look for in free or low-cost training content:

  • Is it from a reputable source? Does that person or organization have authority in your industry?
  • Does it have built-in interactivity? Does the content keep employees engaged in the training?
  • Do materials cover all the pertinent regulations and do they align with your organization’s goals?
  • Is the information up to date? Are relevant illustrations to the subject and industry included?
  • Do quizzes gage employees’ knowledge of the subject?

Conduct an Agency Training Inventory

As you find and develop new content for remote learning and development, be sure to keep it in an accessible, organized spot. If you don’t have a specific folder in your F://drive (or similar location), consider using that SharePoint folder to consolidate all of your content
Update SharePoint Agency Training Content Folder
How to Identify and Catalog Existing Training

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