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Welcome to Organizational Development's advertising resource hub! 

Marketing is a key piece of the puzzle in preparation for hosting a course. Yes, OD sends out weekly e-Blasts to all City Email users and subscribers, but this alone doesn't cut it! We expect Learning Partners to market their own courses alongside these e-Blasts.   

How can I promote my courses?

  • Send out targeted email marketing and course flyers (see samples below)
  • Hang those flyers once they're made too!
    • You can also send them out via Inter-D to the various City facilities
  • Word of mouth - hype your course! 
  • Include a link to your course in your email signature

Who should I promote to?

  • Choose your target market: a group of people who would benefit from attending your course. For example:
    • Supervisors
    • Managers
    • New Employees
    • Specific Departments
    • Field Staff
    • All City Email Users (Everyone)

Targeted Email Marketing and Course Flyers

To help get you started, we've put together a few samples and templates to choose from. Sort through the options below, select the one you like best, download the editable version and make it your own! If you have access to a Canva account, this is a great tool to use as well. 

Items to include in every flyer:

  • Your Department Name
  • The Course Name
  • Date, Time, and Location (Zoom)
  • QR Code for easy access on printed flyer - the QR code in all templates will direct folks to access all courses on the City's website. If you want one that will direct them to your specific course, you'll need to replace this. 
  • Hot Tip: Use the image you selected during the course planning phase in the flyer to help maintain consistency. Can't remember what image you selected? Check out your course's Eventbrite page or email to help find this.

​​​​​​Email Advertisement Samples

Flyer Samples

Flyer #Sample PDFEditable Template
1Flyer 1 SampleFlyer 1 Template
2Flyer 2 SampleFlyer 2 Template
3Flyer 3 SampleFlyer 3 Template
4Flyer 4 SampleFlyer 4 Template
5Flyer 5 SampleFlyer 5 Template
6Flyer 6 SampleFlyer 6 Template
7Flyer 7 SampleFlyer 7 Template
8Flyer 8 SampleFlyer 8 Template

Have another idea in mind but unsure how to make it work? Or need some help with putting your flyer together? Reach out to with any ideas or questions! 

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