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Final Decision Delayed until Spring

Proposed Increase to Unlimited Ride Pass Rate

The City of Madison Executive 2015 Operating Budget provided for the funding of $96,300 to provide Wi-Fi services on Metro buses, contingent on the Madison Transit and Parking Commission’s (TPC) approval of a fare increase of $ 0.05 per ride, to be applied to unlimited ride pass program rides.

This would affect the following pass programs: UW Employees, UW Hospital Employees, UW ASM students, Madison College, Edgewood College, Dane County employees, City of Madison employees, St. Mary's and Meriter.

The TPC held a public hearing in December 2014 to consider this fare increase. In January, the TPC decided to postpone a decision on this fare increase until March or April to give staff more time to research costs and types of equipment needed to successfully implement this service for its customers.

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Recess Service

Begins Friday, March 27

Buses operate RECESS service on the UW Campus beginning Friday, March 27.

Routes 81 and 82 do not operate during recess service.

Please note: On Friday, March 27, Routes 81 and 82 will not operate, and Routes 80 and 84 will operate standard service. For questions, please call Metro Customer Service at 608-266-4466.

Metro will return to standard UW Campus service on Sunday, April 5.

Holiday service

Memorial Day

Monday, May 25

Metro follows HOLIDAY schedules on Memorial Day on Monday, May 25. HOLIDAY schedules are available in the Ride Guide or at the links below:

2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 30, 32, 36, 40, 50, 51, 59, 63, 67 and 68.

Please Note: there will be no UW Campus Service on Monday, May 25.

Paratransit Service

All standing paratransit rides are cancelled on Monday, May 25. Passengers must schedule a casual ride to travel on this date.

Customer Service is open 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

SAFE Streets

Metro Transit Uses Surveillance Video to Encourage Safe Use of Madison StreetsSafe Streets

On Monday, November 3, Mayor Paul Soglin and Metro Transit General Manager Chuck Kamp held a press conference to release a video compiled of safety-related incidents captured by Metro bus surveillance cameras.

At the press conference, Mayor Soglin and Chuck Kamp discussed incidents seen in this video to raise awareness and encourage everyone in the community to share the streets safely. “The goal of this press conference is to increase safety for everyone, and prevent accidents” Kamp said. “If by releasing this video we were able to raise awareness enough to even prevent one bad accident, then we would consider this outreach a success.”

The video released at this press conference is now available. Metro will use this video and a recording of this press conference to spearhead a safe streets reminder campaign in the spring when all these modes of traffic are again back out in the street in large numbers.

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