Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

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Metro Rapid Lines

The City of Madison is building a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system as part of an effort to provide better access to jobs, reduce travel times, and improve transit equity throughout the region.

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Madison's first BRT line running east-west is under construction and expected to go online later in 2024!

What is BRT?  Why does Madison need BRT?

East-West BRT
Metro Rapid Route A

Coming in 2024!

Metro's first BRT line is currently under construction!

Madison’s first Metro Rapid Route A will run east-west from Junction Rd. to East Towne through the downtown and campus area.

Construction of dedicated bus lanes, passenger stations, and implementation of larger all-electric articulated buses will last into next year.

The system is expected to go officially online at the end of 2024.

Learn More About East-West BRT

North-South BRT
Metro Rapid Route B

Expected in 2028

Metro Rapid Route B is expected to run north-south from the north side of Madison, through the downtown and UW campus area, to the south side of Madison and end in Fitchburg.

Learn more about North-South BRT

Stay Informed on Madison's BRT Project

For new meeting updates and the latest information on Madison's Bus Rapid Transit System:

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Bus Rapid Transit and the Network Redesign are part of MetroForward, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway's plan to make a major investment in transit to speed up workforce transportation, reduce congestion, and build the transportation backbone of a vibrant regional economy.