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bus in BRT lane pulling into station

First BRT Line Runs East-West

The City of Madison is building a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system as part of an effort to provide better access to jobs, reduce travel times, and improve transit equity throughout the region.

The BRT system will start with an east-west line from Junction Rd. to East Towne through the downtown and campus area.

Construction of dedicated bus lanes, passenger stations, and implementation of larger all-electric articulated buses will last into next year. The system is expected to go officially online at the end of 2024.

BRT map

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Construction Plans

Crews are now updating underground utilities and traffic signals, and removing the bump outs at several intersections along the route. This will allow space for left lanes to be converted into bus lanes and work on the stations can take place with fewer traffic delays.

Projects Underway

This work is expected to be completed in early summer 2023.

Past Public Meetings

Watch recordings and review materials from past meetings to learn more about the construction process. 

East side (Blair Street to East Towne)

West side (Junction Rd. to University Bay Dr.)

Central (University Bay Dr. to Blair St.)

Mineral Point Sidewalk Widening

Construction Contact Information


(608) 622-9659 ​​